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  • NorthStar upgarade

    NorthStar upgarade

    NorthStar Fluid Solutions

    Website Upgrade

    I designed and developed this website while working closely with the client to ensure that their ideas and needs were satisfied.

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    NorthStar デザイン

    Kaori Art Works

    WordPress Website Upgrade

    I designed and developed this WordPress website. The client can update their articles easily using WordPress.

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  • WazWorld


    WazWorld Japanese SAKE company [DEMO]

    Design and Coding

    I designed and developed this website.

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  • Suzunoki real estate

    Suzunoki real estate

    Suzunoki Real Estate Company [DEMO]

    Design and Coding

    I designed and developed this website.

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  • Shiro flower shop

    Shiro flower shop

    Shiro Flower Shop [DEMO]

    Coding only

    I developed this website.

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  • Website Production

    I can help you create a website that enhances the appeal of your brand. I will create a website which will broadcast your brand to the maximum extent possible. Let's work together and get your dream website up and running. I support you from the planning phase all the way up to and including deployment.

  • Coding

    If you have already planned out your website and just need a hand making it a reality, I've got you covered. My coding and scripting skills will breath life into your designs and leave you with a website you never thought possible.

  • Building WordPress

    WP is a popular, easy to use and flexible way to create a website. I can customize your WP website and bring it to the next level with WP Original Themes. Not only will I update your website, I will also guide you through setting up and running your WP website. Help with your WP website is just an email or call away.

  • UI/UX Design

    My goal is to create user friendly and intuitive designs which improve user experience. Cluttered interfaces are confusing and ugly, I keep it simple and straightforward. In addition to website design, I offer a wide range of product design such as banners, flyers, posters, business cards, etc...

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Suzuki Tomoe Kelowna

ミックグァイアー 友恵Tomoe McGuire

Tomoe McGuire / Front-End Developer

-My Career-
  • ・2015 graduated from Komazawa University (B.A Economics)

  • ・2017 went to Australia to study abroad

  • ・2018 went to Canada to study English

  • ・2020 studied web design and programming at InterPlan IT school

-Based in-

West Kelowna, BC CANADA

-About Me-

I am a freelance web developer who specializes in design, UI/UX, and SEO. I believe in providing my clients with a hassle-free, straightforward experience. From start to finish, I work closely with my clients to make their dreams a reality.

My commitment to my clients, drives me to not only meet expectations but exceed them.




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